Thursday, 10 November 2011

Working age population being enslaved by new WRB

Brilliant article - glad this has been picked up on but real shame this didnt have more publicity before the bill had got to the house of lords - write to the house of lords and let them know your concerns.
I did a blog recently on this - the adult population of the country is 36million
12million are oaps
24 million are working age adults
12 million are going to be on the new universal credit with all the conditionality and sanctions which the unemployed are currently subject to.
This also means that half of the working age population do not earn enough money that the government says is the minimum amount recquired to be able to live on.
With the govt bringing in workfare - it is highly probable that in the future the govt will force people to make up the extra hrs by working for tescos, sainsburys etc. which is currently happening to those in receipt of jsa.  this in essence means that the govt will be paying the below minimum wage and the companies will not be paying anything.  As the private companies employ more and more free labour - they will get rid of the paid labour - so it will end up with everyone working for their benefits - it costing the govt more and more (as they take on private companies wages) and the economy going worse and worse as more and more of the population have less and less to spend!! Its insane!

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