Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Disgraceful that Over 75% of Genuine Sick and Disabled Denied Benefits!

It is disgraceful that over 75% of genuinly sick and disabled people are being denied the benefits to which they are entitled!

You may ask how I reach this figure - the answer is it is obvious, but hasnt been reported in this way in the main stream media.

a) Official dwp figures puts the rate of fraud for ESA claimants at 0.7%
b) Official dwp figures places 7% of claimants in the support group of ESA recipients.
c) Official dwp figures places a further 17% of claimants in the WRAG of ESA ie they should be able to do some work at some time in the future, but cannot at the present.

When we add these figures together we get 24.7%!! therefore the other 75.3% are being denied the sickness and disability benefits to which they are entitled!

When we also take a look at the 17% of claimants who have been put in the WRAG - it emerges that further atrocities are being committed!  Many of the claimants placed in this group have life long conditions - some of which may well remain stable and others of which are actually degenerative - that is many of the people placed in this group have no possibility of their condition improving or getting better.  If they are currently incapable of work - they have no possibility of ever being capable of work.

Concerning the WRAG - this is a clever move as this group are only entitled to contribution based ESA for 1 year - leaving anybody married or living with their partner - unable to receive benefits once the year is up!

The support group go on receiving contribution based ESA - these are the people whom the dwp have deemed to be incapable of work for the rest of their lives. 

It is blatantly obvious that not only are over 75% of genuine sick and disabled people being denied their benefits - but there are a further percentage who will go on to be denied their benefits once the year of contribution based ESA has lapsed!

The country should be up in arms about this!! It is a disgrace and an embarressment that in our supposedly civilised, comparatively rich country, these atrocities are allowed to continue!!!