Friday, 22 April 2011

Incapacity Benefit ‘Crack’ down!

Chris Grayling has said payment on addiction will be by results and proposes to crack down on addicts.
Arfur Mind To says ‘I have to go on the rob to be able to afford to go out and party like these addicts – have you seen how much they can put away!! At least I don’t piss myself when I get drunk’
Sniff with Disgust says ‘Its disgusting all these addicts – in my day if you were an addict you knew your place – we gave them no money and they were homeless and lived in the gutter where they should be.’
Super Spivsays ‘ The best thing for addicts to do is to become dealers that way they get their drugs cheaper and have a bit of extra to spend so theyre putting money back into society – that would benefit everybody’
 Skint but Misbehavin says ‘Its unfair that these people are getting extra money to party with! How come I have to scrimp and save for a Saturday night out when these addicts get there methadone for free and extra money for crack and booze’
The Private Companies drafted in to help get people off benefits and back to work are very excited at having this new client group and are looking forward to getting loads of good deals, contacts and blackmail opportunities so they can really learn how to party with the best. Black market alcohol, crack, e and cocaine prices are expected to rocket  with this new private company involvement.