Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bedroom Tax, Homelessness and The Extra Costs

Housing benefit for a 3 bedroom house in Manchester is on average  £127per week.  The Cost of B&B for a family that has lost their home because of bedroom tax is £650 per week …

As can be seen from this article – B&B costs have already spiralled by 800% due to the changes in Local housing allowance, which have resulted in many people becoming homeless. 

There is also the hidden side of the homeless where people can end up on the streets as local authorities do not have a duty to house single people or couples without children.

This is all before the governments ‘bedroom tax’ comes into force.  This tax will result in many people getting into arrears and those whom are families may well be evicted and have to be re homed at far greater expense.

Again there will be the hidden side of more single people and childless couples being affected who will become homeless and not be rehoused.

The bedroom tax will exacerbate what is already an overused service to rehouse homeless families and there will be a lot more people homeless and on the streets – This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Please join the demonstrations across the country and help campaign against the bedroom tax.