Thursday, 10 November 2011

Working age population being enslaved by new WRB

Brilliant article - glad this has been picked up on but real shame this didnt have more publicity before the bill had got to the house of lords - write to the house of lords and let them know your concerns.
I did a blog recently on this - the adult population of the country is 36million
12million are oaps
24 million are working age adults
12 million are going to be on the new universal credit with all the conditionality and sanctions which the unemployed are currently subject to.
This also means that half of the working age population do not earn enough money that the government says is the minimum amount recquired to be able to live on.
With the govt bringing in workfare - it is highly probable that in the future the govt will force people to make up the extra hrs by working for tescos, sainsburys etc. which is currently happening to those in receipt of jsa.  this in essence means that the govt will be paying the below minimum wage and the companies will not be paying anything.  As the private companies employ more and more free labour - they will get rid of the paid labour - so it will end up with everyone working for their benefits - it costing the govt more and more (as they take on private companies wages) and the economy going worse and worse as more and more of the population have less and less to spend!! Its insane!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

No-one thinks the WCA is working except the DWP

this is my e-mail re the WCA

Dear Baroness Grey-Thompson

As you are probably aware there is much wrong with the Work Capability Assessment - for access to ESA and it looks like the tests for the new PIP rather than DLA are going to follow similar guidelines.

DPO's such as black triangle DPAC and the broken of britain are all saying how bad the tests are and how much they are getting it wrong as are all the disabled charities and the welfare and support charities such as CAB etc.

Well theres another group of people who are unhappy with it also - they are the work providers whose report to professor harrington I have attached.

paragraph 5.1 states

'ERSA is not concerned with the rights or wrongs of the WCA from an ethical perspective, but is concerned about the impact of the WCA on the ability of Work Programme prime providers and sub-contractors to deliver success for those referred to the programme.'

but the whole thing needs to be read - thats just a taster I believe the term is?

So from what i can gather - the only people who say the WCA is working are the govt, the dwp, the mainstream press and media and the general public who have no direct experience but base their views on the the media.

Therefore all involved directly with the sick and disabled and those found 'fit for work' think the WCA is not working!

Thank you for any help you can give us in regards to getting this unfair and unfit tests sorted out.

Yours sincerely

(the document I attached can be found via this link scroll down to the bottom of the article the link takes you to and the document is available via a download where it says click 'here')

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The adult population is 36 million

The number of people being put on universal credit is 12 million

The number of OAP's is approx 12 million

This means that the number of working age people is 24 million - therefore half of all working age people are either out of work or in low paid or part time work. From what I can gather the half who are working are over working to make ends meet.  To me seems obvious we need to up the wages and share the work out fairly between all who are capable and ensure we look after the old, sick and disabled.

How Many People are Unemployed or Underemployed

Apparently when universal credit is brought in 12 million people of working age are to be migrated from various benefits - I am having problems making the figures add up?

There are 2.5 million unemployed

There are 2.6 million on ESA

That adds up to 5 million approx.

450,000 working families on child tax credits etc.

On the TV programme it was stated that people doing the work programme or doing work placements are not counted in the unemployment figures.  I currently have not found the number of single parents who are in receipt of income support, but doubt that its 6 and a half million.

So the conclusion has to be that unemployment is much higher than stated and that there are a large number of people in jobs for which the pay is so low or not large enough in hours to enable the person to survive.

The fact that the work programme and work providers are protected by the govt from having to be open about what they get up to is very strange and the fact that many people are put on work programmes for 2 years in which they learn how to design cup cakes is both hiding the true figures for unemployment and a waste of time and money.

If I can find more figures will add later. am also trying to find out what is the situation surrounding sanctions and if people who are sanctioned ie have benefits removed for various periods of time, are given at least some money per week on which to survive (hardship payment) and if they have to pay this back when they get JSA reinstated.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Who is in charge of Drs and Consultants - the DWP?

I have read an article in the Guardian recently which is saying how the GMC the general medical council, is telling Drs to make people go back to work and the implication is that they are to do so even when it is detrimental to the patients health.

This is following an article from the Pulse magazine I think from the 4th october - this article is my previous post and as you can see - what is in the Pulse article but not mentioned in the Guardian article - is the fact that the DWP were involved in the drafting of the new GMC guidelines.  The DWP said its submission had been drafted by Dame Carol Black, its work and health tsar, but was unable to provide a copy as Pulse went to press.

To me it appears that the DWP is having far too much input into areas of health - and from another blog I read it looks like the GMC are supposed to be an independent body? which makes this even worse!

Need to find out more about Dame Carol M Black who is also part of the Wellbeing through work group - which takes the infamous unum funded research from Cardiff university seriously!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Latest Pulse News

This is direct copy and pasted from Pulse Magazine

GPs face GMC duty on ‘back to work’ drive

04 Oct 2011
Exclusive GPs are set to be required to encourage patients to go back to work as part of their responsibilities to the GMC, under changes to the regulator's core ethical guidance drafted with input from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).
A draft revised version of Good Medical Practice, presented to GMC Council last week, included a new duty ‘to encourage patients with long-term conditions to stay in, or return to, employment'.
A GMC spokesperson told Pulse a submission from the DWP had fed into the draft document, amid fears from GPs over ‘pressure from Government' to enlist doctors in the coalition's benefit crackdown.
The controversial requirement comes as part of a raft of proposed changes in the first major review of Good Medical Practice for five years. But it has prompted outrage among GPs and debate among GMC Council members, who have demanded clarification on the change.
GMC officials said the proposal will be reworded ahead of a public consultation later this month, with the redraft likely to substitute ‘employment' for ‘meaningful activity'.
Niall Dickson, GMC chief executive, said the draft was based on ‘a lot of evidence that people having productive activity can be life-enhancing'.
He said: ‘We don't want to suggest doctors become policemen of the state. It has to be where it is in the patient's best interest that encouragement and support is given.'
But many GPs responded angrily to the proposal, claiming it ignored the complexities of getting patients into work and pressured doctors into putting the needs of the Government ahead of patients. Click here to join the debate in the Pulse forum.
Dr Rob Barnett, secretary of Liverpool LMC, said: ‘I'm a GP, not an employment adviser.'
'GPs have a responsibility to get patients as fit as possible and if that helps get them into work then that's great. However, I'm working in an area of high unemployment. It may be OK for the GMC in London to propose things like this but the reality here is that there are very few jobs around.'
Dr Margaret McCartney, a GP in Glasgow, said: ‘Work in general is good for people, but it is not right for everyone all the time. Doctors need to be quite clear on where our responsibilities are – it is patients first.'
'The reality for people who have complex and multiple chronic illnesses is not well represented in the literature to date. The evidence base for the GMC proposal doesn't really reflect the reality of frontline general practice.'
Dr John Hughes, secretary of Manchester LMC, said: ‘This has rather dubious wording. Work can be good for some patients but the GMC needs to recognise there is an appropriate time and an appropriate sort of work for some patients.
‘I'm wondering how much pressure the GMC has come under from the Government for this.'
The DWP said its submission had been drafted by Dame Carol Black, its work and health tsar, but was unable to provide a copy as Pulse went to press.

Additional duties for doctors
New requirements included in draft Good Medical Practice guidance
• To encourage patients to stay in, or return to, work
• To consider patients' religious, spiritual and cultural history
• To act as a mentor to less experienced colleagues
• To take ‘prompt action' against basic failings in care
• To ensure you or a named colleague retains responsibility for patients' continuity of care
• An explicit duty to be competent in providing care and performing other professional roles
A full draft for public consultation will be published on 17 October.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What is a Minister for Disabled People

I recently learned that the Welfare Reform Bill - which is currently being debated in the House of Lords - was having the debate moved to a smaller not so disabled accessible committee room.

Concerned about this I e-mailed the members of the House of Lords (some of whom are themselves disabled) - about getting the debate back in the House of Lords where disabled Lords and disabled members of the public would have access to debating or viewing the proceedings.

Thinking on - it occurred to me that surely the minister for disabled people (Maria Miller mp) would be concerned that disabled people were not being able to access a bill that affects them substantially and directly and also surely it is her job to ensure disabled access - no matter what the bill.

Thus I e-mailed Maria Miller at  with this

'Dear Ms Miller

As minister for disabled I would like for you to ensure that the debate concerning the welfare reform bill remains accessible to the disabled many of whom will be hugely affected by the changes suggested within it.

Please read this blog.

As a representative of the disabled community I am sure you would want us to have equal access - thank you for your help with this.

Kind Regards'

the reply I received was

'Maria Miller MP


Thank you for your email, if you live within the parliamentary constituency of Basingstoke please make sure your message contains

Full name

Address, including Postcode

Day time telephone number

If you are contacting me in my capacity as Minister for Disabled People please resend your email to'

and then later

'Thank you for your email to Maria Miller MP. As the issues you raise relate to Maria's responsibilities as Minister at the Department for Work and Pensions, I have forwarded your email to her Ministerial Office for attention. The email address to use for future reference
Kind regards

I then received a generic response from the dwp!

Now how on earth and why on earth is a minister for disabilities job/post within the dwp? and is it not her job to ensure disabled access for all at the Houses of Parliament?

The reply I got from the dwp, which does not address the point I raised regarding disabled access - but just goes on to wibble about ministers being too busy to reply - that this fits into their remit and a wibble about how all the changes in the WRB are good for the sick and disabled and carers are all great for us!!! lol!! I wish!

The only results I can draw from this correspondence is that the minister for disabled people is not a minister for disabled people at all - but a dwp minister and that there is no minister for disabled people - not even for those disabled people in The House of Lords!!! 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Disgraceful that Over 75% of Genuine Sick and Disabled Denied Benefits!

It is disgraceful that over 75% of genuinly sick and disabled people are being denied the benefits to which they are entitled!

You may ask how I reach this figure - the answer is it is obvious, but hasnt been reported in this way in the main stream media.

a) Official dwp figures puts the rate of fraud for ESA claimants at 0.7%
b) Official dwp figures places 7% of claimants in the support group of ESA recipients.
c) Official dwp figures places a further 17% of claimants in the WRAG of ESA ie they should be able to do some work at some time in the future, but cannot at the present.

When we add these figures together we get 24.7%!! therefore the other 75.3% are being denied the sickness and disability benefits to which they are entitled!

When we also take a look at the 17% of claimants who have been put in the WRAG - it emerges that further atrocities are being committed!  Many of the claimants placed in this group have life long conditions - some of which may well remain stable and others of which are actually degenerative - that is many of the people placed in this group have no possibility of their condition improving or getting better.  If they are currently incapable of work - they have no possibility of ever being capable of work.

Concerning the WRAG - this is a clever move as this group are only entitled to contribution based ESA for 1 year - leaving anybody married or living with their partner - unable to receive benefits once the year is up!

The support group go on receiving contribution based ESA - these are the people whom the dwp have deemed to be incapable of work for the rest of their lives. 

It is blatantly obvious that not only are over 75% of genuine sick and disabled people being denied their benefits - but there are a further percentage who will go on to be denied their benefits once the year of contribution based ESA has lapsed!

The country should be up in arms about this!! It is a disgrace and an embarressment that in our supposedly civilised, comparatively rich country, these atrocities are allowed to continue!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Imaginary World Of Politicians/Parliament

There have been recent reports in the papers of politicans making up imaginary scenarios to claim imaginary expenses (oops money was real!!) didn’t mean for it to go that far!!  Imaginary ring fencing of the NHS, imaginary ring fencing of education Etc.  Taking this on board here are some more imaginings from parliament which are having a huge impact on the sick and disabled.
Yesterday there was a meeting of a Parliamentary Select Committee concerning Employment and Support Allowance and the new Work Capability Assessment (WCA) . ATOShealthcare attended and spoke as also did Professor Harrington. 
Some interesting points emerged such as.
1.     If you are found fit for work it does not mean that you are not sick/disabled.
2.     If you are placed in the work related activity group (WRAG) which means you will be capable of work in the future – it’s irrelevant if your condition is deteriorative!! In the daydream imaginative world of the politician your condition can miraculously improve permanently just by being placed into this group, despite what Drs/Consultants say to the contrary!
However the most amazing bit of imaginary world has to be what emerged and was taken on board by all politicans present and professor Harrington ….. It is not the task of the WCA to test if you are capable for work in the real world ie in real job scenarios!
It is the job of the WCA to test if you are capable of work in a fantasy world which does not exist and of which there is no description!
This in essence means that many of those found fit for work or placed in the WRAG are not fit for work in any normal meaning of the term.
To work in this imagined world the sick and disabled people are now moving around freely in imaginary wheelchairs with imaginary access to all forms of transport and all buildings, with imaginary bosses allowing imaginary amounts of time off work, when too ill to get there and too ill to work from home, where imaginary taxis charge imaginary money for imaginary journeys undertaken and where painful conditions suddenly become pain free.
Hey if things are getting this unreal – I think I’ll fly!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Incapacity Benefit ‘Crack’ down!

Chris Grayling has said payment on addiction will be by results and proposes to crack down on addicts.
Arfur Mind To says ‘I have to go on the rob to be able to afford to go out and party like these addicts – have you seen how much they can put away!! At least I don’t piss myself when I get drunk’
Sniff with Disgust says ‘Its disgusting all these addicts – in my day if you were an addict you knew your place – we gave them no money and they were homeless and lived in the gutter where they should be.’
Super Spivsays ‘ The best thing for addicts to do is to become dealers that way they get their drugs cheaper and have a bit of extra to spend so theyre putting money back into society – that would benefit everybody’
 Skint but Misbehavin says ‘Its unfair that these people are getting extra money to party with! How come I have to scrimp and save for a Saturday night out when these addicts get there methadone for free and extra money for crack and booze’
The Private Companies drafted in to help get people off benefits and back to work are very excited at having this new client group and are looking forward to getting loads of good deals, contacts and blackmail opportunities so they can really learn how to party with the best. Black market alcohol, crack, e and cocaine prices are expected to rocket  with this new private company involvement.