Saturday, 5 November 2011

No-one thinks the WCA is working except the DWP

this is my e-mail re the WCA

Dear Baroness Grey-Thompson

As you are probably aware there is much wrong with the Work Capability Assessment - for access to ESA and it looks like the tests for the new PIP rather than DLA are going to follow similar guidelines.

DPO's such as black triangle DPAC and the broken of britain are all saying how bad the tests are and how much they are getting it wrong as are all the disabled charities and the welfare and support charities such as CAB etc.

Well theres another group of people who are unhappy with it also - they are the work providers whose report to professor harrington I have attached.

paragraph 5.1 states

'ERSA is not concerned with the rights or wrongs of the WCA from an ethical perspective, but is concerned about the impact of the WCA on the ability of Work Programme prime providers and sub-contractors to deliver success for those referred to the programme.'

but the whole thing needs to be read - thats just a taster I believe the term is?

So from what i can gather - the only people who say the WCA is working are the govt, the dwp, the mainstream press and media and the general public who have no direct experience but base their views on the the media.

Therefore all involved directly with the sick and disabled and those found 'fit for work' think the WCA is not working!

Thank you for any help you can give us in regards to getting this unfair and unfit tests sorted out.

Yours sincerely

(the document I attached can be found via this link scroll down to the bottom of the article the link takes you to and the document is available via a download where it says click 'here')

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