Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How Many People are Unemployed or Underemployed

Apparently when universal credit is brought in 12 million people of working age are to be migrated from various benefits - I am having problems making the figures add up?

There are 2.5 million unemployed

There are 2.6 million on ESA

That adds up to 5 million approx.

450,000 working families on child tax credits etc.

On the TV programme it was stated that people doing the work programme or doing work placements are not counted in the unemployment figures.  I currently have not found the number of single parents who are in receipt of income support, but doubt that its 6 and a half million.

So the conclusion has to be that unemployment is much higher than stated and that there are a large number of people in jobs for which the pay is so low or not large enough in hours to enable the person to survive.

The fact that the work programme and work providers are protected by the govt from having to be open about what they get up to is very strange and the fact that many people are put on work programmes for 2 years in which they learn how to design cup cakes is both hiding the true figures for unemployment and a waste of time and money.

If I can find more figures will add later. am also trying to find out what is the situation surrounding sanctions and if people who are sanctioned ie have benefits removed for various periods of time, are given at least some money per week on which to survive (hardship payment) and if they have to pay this back when they get JSA reinstated.

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