Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Who is in charge of Drs and Consultants - the DWP?

I have read an article in the Guardian recently which is saying how the GMC the general medical council, is telling Drs to make people go back to work and the implication is that they are to do so even when it is detrimental to the patients health.


This is following an article from the Pulse magazine I think from the 4th october - this article is my previous post and as you can see - what is in the Pulse article but not mentioned in the Guardian article - is the fact that the DWP were involved in the drafting of the new GMC guidelines.  The DWP said its submission had been drafted by Dame Carol Black, its work and health tsar, but was unable to provide a copy as Pulse went to press.

To me it appears that the DWP is having far too much input into areas of health - and from another blog I read http://thejobbingdoctor.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-section-of-department-of-health.html it looks like the GMC are supposed to be an independent body? which makes this even worse!

Need to find out more about Dame Carol M Black who is also part of the Wellbeing through work group - which takes the infamous unum funded research from Cardiff university seriously!!

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