Sunday, 29 January 2012

Between 0.00335% and 0.0134% of benefit recipients affected by £26,000 benefit cap

From what I can gather these are the correct figures.

apparently 67,000 people are expected to be affected by the benefit cap whether working part time or out of work. looks like figures have been revised upwards frm 50,000 to 67,000

1 in 8 people on housing benefit are unemployed

approx 2.5 million people are on JSA

if we times this by 8 to get the total number of people on benefits of some sort this adds up to 20 million.

Dividing 20 million by 67,000 we get 298.5 which means that 1/298.5 of people will be affected by the benefit cap or 0.00335%

To get a more accurate figure of those of working age affected I have doubled that amount as half of the people in receipt of housing benefit are OAPs  resulting in 0.0067% - and then doubled it again as the cap applies per household and many people live as couples - this reaches the figure of 0.0134% - so this is a definate over estimation. 

As such - those affected by the benefit cap are in an extreme minority and therefore in exceptional circumstances. 

To put this in context - a couple living together in my area without children would receive approx £10,000 between them ie for their household - thats adding up JSA, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit and thats if they are over 35 - if they are under 35 it would be less.


  1. cheers Rob lol! the end results are teh same I think as I think? that the number of peeople counted as the 1 in 8 are the unemployed rather than those on IB/ESA. so percentage even lower if ib/esa taken into account. jusst try n check re the 1 in 8 report I read. thank you :D

  2. edited n changed - Im not sure if my workings out re theory side of things are correct? thank you for input :D