Thursday, 2 February 2012

Welfare Reform Bill - Screws the Sick and Disabled and Many More

I was struck yesterday by the speech made by Jennifer Willet - who along with the majority of her liberal democrat colleagues - sold us out.

Unless the woman doesnt know her job - she lied through the whole of her speech in parliament yesterday.

Taking the facts concerning ESA and how its supposed to work.

1. Proffessor Harrington told the select commitee that he did not see the need for the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) to have any relevance to a real job in the real world.

2.  This means people being found fit for some kind of work (which doesnt mean real life work) are being placed onto JSA - many of these people will never realistically be able to work

3. The ESA (WRAG) group is supposed to be for people who at some point in the future will be able to work - many people in this group have deteriorative conditions ie they are not going to get any better and the chances are they will get worse - so once again will never be realistically able to work - this is the group who now after 1 year are expected to miraculously get better.

4.  The ESA (Support group) this is supposed to be the group who will probably never be able to work again.  However, in the main, the people being put into this group are people with only 6 months to live.

There is a thread running through this - people who are unfit for work are being placed in all 3 groups, people who in reality will never get a job in their lives are being found fit for work or capable of returning to work at some point in the future!!

There have been 31 people who have been found fit for work - who within weeks of being pronounced thus, have died from the very condition which they were claiming for!!

How can Jennifer Willet have been reassured that the word of Professor Harrington had reassured her that this policy regarding time limiting cESA was fair as the correct people were beginning to be put into the support group - when the whole test is set up on a false premise!!! When people arnt even getting on ESA to start with who are terminally ill and have weeks or less to live!!

She reassured her fellow lib-dem MP's that it was safe to overturn the Lords amendment as the WCA test was fair and safe!!! And this was despite the libdem membership voting expressly against it at their party conference and placing that in their manifesto.

I am ashamed and disgusted with the majority of parliament and the majority of the media.

The other amendments that were overturned I am also extremely angry about - in fact the majority of the bill is the most inhumane peice of legislation ever written!

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  1. IDS expects a miracle cure after one year, I've been having specialists look into my new neck problems for the last two years now, and I don't have a diagnosis beyond 'Well, something's clearly not right', meanwhile my 23 years and counting lumbar spine problems just keep on with their slow deterioration and my medics long since decided that the only workable approach is management not cure.

    The DWP's view of disability seems to have very tenuous contact with reality, the idea that everyone gets miraculously better after 12 months verges on magical thinking. Is fantasy really a good basis for government policy? Or is the fantasy simply a cover for a harsher belief, that we should all be driven back into the attic where we belong?