Saturday, 6 April 2013

There is a High Chance That Cameron and Osborne Engage in Inappropriate Sexual Activity With Horses

In the recent media it has come to my attention that both Osborne and Cameron are equating the fact that Philpott committed manslaughter on 6 children - with the fact that he was on welfare!!! Therefore the welfare state needs to be reformed!!!

Using the same theory of Logistics - Catherine the Great of Russia engaged in sexual activities with her horse whilst she was a leader in power.

Currently George Osborne and David Cameron are leaders in positions of power who both own horses

Therefore it must be highly likely that they may well be engaged in sexual activity with these horses.

The conclusion being that all rich leaders should be barred from owning or riding horses so as to avoid any possibilities of them committing acts of bestiality.

Only someone with half a brain could think that any amount of logic was used in either of these scenarios and therefore I must come to the only valid conclusion in the whole of this blog.

Cameron and Osborne do not have half a brain between them.

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